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Björn Klauer   Fotograf

Images    Portrait

BJKL000076 ...  ... Husky in cabin in Sweden during polar night, woman. Store Kamas, Norrbotten, Sweden BJKL000089 ...  ... Sami tent, teepee, Lavvu in the moonlight. Altevatn, Troms, Norway
BJKL000090 ...  ... Kaatan, Gamme in the sunrise, winter landscape at Torneträsk after the polar night. Torneträsk, Norrbotten, Sweden BJKL000106 ...  ... Dog team in the polar night in the tundra, side view, back-light. Altevatn, Troms, Norway
BJKL000119 ...  ... Husky and a woman. Dividal, Troms, Norway BJKL000209 ...  ... Huskies in the storm are harnessed, Sweden, lake Rostavatn. Bardu, Troms, Norway

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