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Thomas Rathay   Photographer

Images    Portrait

Thomas Rathay (*1970) is a passionate photographer. His love for photography began in his youth and, after a brief sidetrack into the culinary arts, was further refined with an education in photography design leading into his current career. His love for travel led him to backpacking in Münster. While working as a tour guide, Thomas began an independent photography trip that takes place every year toward the end of summer in Sweden. Around the campfire he passes his abilities as a photographer, outdoorsman and improvisational chef on to his motivated participants.
“Portraits from unusual perspectives, supported by vibrant colors… modern, young, emotional. That is the kind of pictorial language I like to bring across.” Unfortunately Thomas is only seldom able to find the time to break out his good old analog large format camera, find a good location for the stand and slowly bring the picture to life in his mind.
Thomas’ employers keep him quite mobile. He’s on two wheels as much as he can be using his motorcycle to get himself and his equipment to the next job. “On location” is his main workplace when he’s not at the computer optimizing the portraits, sports shots, architectural photos and events pictures he has taken. Even that is part of being a photography designer.