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Stefan Schorr   Photographer and journalist

Images    Portrait

STSC000013 ...  ... A 6 year old girl and 9 year old boy in a tent. The boy reads a bed time story to his sister. Losheim at a lake, Germany STSC000018 ...  ... A girl is carrying her camping mat across a meadow with a tent and a black dog. Losheim at a lake, Germany
STSC000022 ...  ... Hike from eastern Harz Wernigerode to Ilfeld. Eastern Harz, Germany STSC000049 ...  ... Woman is looking out of the engine from the Harzer Querbahn on his way from Ilfeld to Drei Annen Hohne
STSC000062 ...  ... A hiker stands in front of a Hike at the Saar-Hunsr├╝ck-Steig from Orscholz to Grimburg, Saarschleife, Saarland, Germany
STSC000096 ...  ... Two feet full of blebs, Hermeskeil

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