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Martin Hülle   Photographer

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Martin Hülle is not just a photographer, but also an author and professional adventurer to boot. Martin, who hails from Wuppertal and was born in 1973, professes his home away from home to be the rough elevated landscape of the North, where he is always able to set out on foot or on skis. During these countless journeys throughout Scandinavia, Iceland and Greenland (where Martin fell foul of Nordic fever and the Artic bug), Martin has covered over several thousand kilometres.
He walked the formidable 800Km Artic Trail (Nordkalottruta) in one stint. Week-long winter tours have led him to some of the loneliest most isolated parts of northern Europe.
After several crossings of the largest glacier on mainland Europe, Jostedalsbreen, he succeeded in a solo crossing of the famous Glacier of Rivers (Vatnajökull) in Iceland, which happens to have the largest ice mass in the whole of Europe.
Between the "Grönland Traversale" of 2006 and the EISWÜSTE expedition of 2008, Martin managed to cross the ice sheet of Greenland from East to West twice over.
Numerous pictures and articles about Martin’s journeys and expeditions have appeared in renowned national and international magazines and newspapers. Through his photographs, Martin aims to portray the polarity between the challenge, danger and strenuousness of such adventures, and the fascination with the unknown in extreme landscapes and discovering pure nature there.