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Michael Kukulenz   Photographer and Biologist

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The northern territories such as Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska are the preferred travel destinations of Michael Kukulenz. As for means of transportation it usually takes the form of public transportation, dog sleigh, canoe or even kayak true to his motto „ …as far as your feet will carry you, and your back can take“. As a biologist what interests him is to study the behavioural patterns of animals as often as possible which in turn gives him the possibility to observe and capture their ever changing existence. The large mammals, bears especially and also all bodies of water have always interested him, but also experiencing the countryside in various light and weather conditions produced by the four seasons give Michael the energy for the other things life has in store.

He always strives to place himself in natural situations that affect him not only physically but emotionally, too. He prefers to go on his own, sometimes quite isolated in his ways. He enjoys living on the bare minimum. At the focal point of this is the feeling that the apparently irreplaceable things of modern life can easily be thrown away, without even noticing they are gone.