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David Deveson   Photographer and Film Director

Images    Portrait

DADE000005 ...  ... Two men riding a donkey along a promenade. Donkey Ride, seafront, Lamu, Kenya DADE000014 ...  ... An old man in a white gown sitting on a chair. Carpenter's Workshop, Lamu, Kenya. no model release available
DADE000044 ...  ... Hat on a hat stand. Panama hat, Lamu, Kenya DADE000338 ...  ... Two women with umbrellas walking on a wet street. Rain in Perugia, Italy. No model release available
DADE000346 ...  ... A couple hugging and kissing on the street. Last Goodbye, Last Goodbyes, Genoa Station, Italy. An image like the one by Robert Doisneau. DADE000518 ...  ... Little curly haired girl smiling in Lebanon,. Small Girl, Beirut, no model release available but can be obtained

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