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Bernd Euler   Photo Journalist and Writer

Images    Portrait

BEEU000014 ...  ... A dark-skinned man is going by motorboat on a lake through green plants. Jari on the lower reaches of the Amazon

BEEU000144 ...  ... A man in the cockpit of a helicopter. The helicopter pilot is from Greenpeace, flying over the Amazon, go to illegal felling. The picture was taken during the trip the MV Greenpeace in the Amazon
BEEU000204 ...  ... The traditional sailing boat Fridtjof Nansen sailing BEEU000220 ...  ... View from above. On the traditional sailing 3-masted barque Fridtjof Nansen view from the masts to the deck
BEEU000226 ...  ... Man at the wheel, called helmsman (steersman), of the traditional sailing ship Fridtjof Nansen. BEEU000242 ...  ... Cruise-ship Sea Cloud II in the Caribbean.

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