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Susanne Mädler   Photographer

Images    Portrait

Susanne is our specialist for Patagonia as well as other nature subjects such as horse riding, hiking and ice-climbing. She is currently travelling in Chile. Due to her work as a guide around the region, she knows Patagonia like the back of her hand. She spends a lot of time with local gauchos and reports on their life and experiences of the natural world.
After leaving school, Susanne and her best friend Ilka set off into the big wide world. They didn't have a destination in mind, but they knew it had to be really far away. To begin with they travelled across South America for a year, and after arriving in Patagonia Susanne remained there for three years.
The country's people and its amazing nature and expanse fascinated her.
She prefers to travel on horseback, on foot or using an ice-axe.