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Georg Alexander   Photographer and Writer

Images    Portrait

GEAL000402 ...  ... Ecuador Oriente. Schaman in the rainforest. Protecting soursop plants. The Shaman, who is part of the Alberto tribe of Cofan, knows more than 500 medicinal plans in the rainforest. GEAL000437 ...  ... Ecuador Oriente Misahualli, Parrot. Macaw in the Oriente jungle.
GEAL000460 ...  ... Ecuador, Riobamba. Trip to The Devil's Nose. GEAL000626 ...  ... Norway, cod fishing. Northern Norway Finnmark county. Sea Angler (Sven Teege) with a large cod weighing in at 18 kg from Porsanger fjord/fiord, 50 miles south of Nordcapp.
GEAL000667 ...  ... Working in a tea plantation. Tea-pickers in the highlands of Sri Lanka, near Nuwara Eliya GEAL001244 ...  ... Old Cuban woman in Havana smokes a fat cigar.

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