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Menno Huber   Photographer

Images    Portrait

Menno is our specialist for mushing, mountain expeditions, the Alps, Sweden and nordic countries in general. His images show the beauty of nature in fantastic light and in wonderful and interesting detail.
Menno Huber, born in 1967, is a Swiss freelance photographer who strives to capture those special moments when nature, people and light come together in balance. He uses his photography as a form of "painting with light". He has worked professionally for seven years, and his favorite places for photographing are the Alps and Sweden. He specializes in taking photos of sled dogs and outdoor sports, nature, landscape and travel.
"Taking pictures is a means for me to show animals, nature or landscapes in the right light. My goal is to create fascinating pictures which are not only pleasing to look at, but which also elicit emotions. I am able to achieve this goal because I'm always looking for interesting light situations and a clear lines in my pictures.

My favorite locations for taking pictures are the Alps and Scandinavia, where I'm looking for wide open spaces, the silence and untouched landscapes. My pictures are not only used for travel and outdoor reportages, but also as single pictures in different media.

Photography has fascinated me since my childhood. Over the last 30 years, I have contunued to learn more and more about this subject. Much of my knowledge has been gained trough autodidacting training. Since 1992 I have lived in and travelled to Scandinavia many times. During trips I encountered the landscapes and nature which are shown in my pictures. In 1997 it became a logical step for me to make a profession out of my hobby."