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Wilmar Dik   Photographer

Images    Portrait

Wilmar, born 1973, is one of the all-round men in our team, devoted to the beautiful things in life, including leisure activities. The photographic language of the photographer from the Netherlands is vivid and multifaceted and often shows unusual perspectives and details.
Wilmar about his work:
"Photography for most people is just a push of a button, for some however it is a feeling that must be fed. For me this is an addiction which demands more than some feeding once in a while. In the fast world of photography it is a constant coming and going of photographers. One photographer with even more up-to-date equipment than the other ......that coincidental sunbeam, the perfect cloud, the right angle, time and place are aspects that have been easily forgotten.
Photography in this world is important, making a good creative and interesting photo is crucial."