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Lars Schneider   Photographer and Writer

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Lars is our man for extensive canoe, bike and trekking tours as well as other diverse outdoor activities such as dogsled tours and cross-country skiing. In his travel reports he perfectly combines beautiful landscape photographs with information on sports, destinations and equipment.
During his early teenage years Lars Schneider, born in 1977, started to enjoy spending time outdoors, beeing close to nature and travelling off the beaten track. When he was just 13 years old, he and a friend began their first bike trip through northern Germany. Later on Lars cycled through the Alps, Norway, Iceland, the Canadian Rockies and through the Andes of South America. Up until now his travels have led him to almost all corners of the world. Photograpahy has always been a part of his travels and has become more and more important over the years. While he only took a camera body, two lenses and three rolls of film with him when he crosssed the Alps by bike on a two-week-trip in 1990, he can now easily fill his backpack with ten kilos or more of camera equipment
Writing of outdoor and travel stories has also been an important part of his work over the years. He published his first article about a kayaking trip aged 17 and his first book at 23. Five more have sinced followed. Two coffee table books (one about the best outdoor trips around the world, one about Norway) were published in 2003 and 2004. His photos and stories have been printed in many major European magazines and outdoor catalogues worldwide.
After three and a half years as an editor for the German magazine "outdoor", Lars today lives and works as a freelance photographer and writer together with his wife Katrin Griebeling near Hamburg, Germany.