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Alessandro Alessio D'Amico   Photographer

Images    Portrait

Alessandro specialises in sociocritical documentaries and several travel subjects. His images often depict unusual details and perspectives. He mostly travels around Asia, Africa or America, to places that are not typical travel destinations.
Born in Turin, Italy, in 1971, Alessandro Alessio D'Amico is a prize-winning photographer and a human rights activist - MA in Politics of Human Rights. He has travelled extensively throughout the five continents, recording many moments in the ordinary and extraordinary lives of their peoples. His photography often singles out a particular detail, or isolates a scene which would normally pass unnoticed and they are made to yield up their surprises to us. The images which result from his perception of the 'everyday' and the composition of these images comment eloquently on how contemporary peoples negotiate their societies, with their conflicts, paradoxes and possibilities.
(by Dr. Lorraine Leu , Bristol University - UK)