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Dave Hansford   Photographer, writer and cameraman

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Dave is our specialist for haunting nature and environment subjects. The New Zealander elaborates outstanding and scientifically substantiated documentaries on different regions and subjects, mostly together with his partner Marieke. The spectrum of their work ranges from underwater to deserts, tropics or perpetual ice.
Dave Hansford is an award-winning photographer, writer and cameraman based in Wellington, New Zealand specialising in natural history, the earth sciences, adventure travel and the environment. After 14 years as a press photographer, he embarked on a freelance career, forming a small multimedia partnership - Origin Natural History Media -with his partner Marieke.
His work has appeared in BBC Wildlife, Australia Nature, Action Asia, NZ Geographic, The Listener, Destinations, NZ Business, Wilderness, Forest & Bird and Seafood as well as in newspapers throughout New Zealand and Australia. He has filmed for Natural History NZ Ltd and worked on the BBC production "Life of Birds".
When he's not working (even when he is) he enjoys hiking, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and diving.
His hunger for adventure has taken him to Antarctica, Africa, Australia, China and Pakistan.