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Search options

There are two ways to search our photo database.
  1. full text search

    If you want to use our full text search please enter one or two terms in the search field "quick search". We recommend you enter your search terms in keywords. If you want to combine multiple search terms please use the following options (characters). Replace AND as follows:
    • space between two words
    • + (plus sign)
    Example: If your are searching for mountains with clouds. Enter search terms like this: mountains + clouds or mountains (blank) clouds.
    Replace OR as follows:
    • # (hash character)
    Example: If your are searching for mountains or clouds. Enter the search terms like this: Mountains # clouds
    Replace NOT as follows:
    • - (minus sign) immediately before search term
    Example: If your are searching mountains without clouds. Enter the search terms like this: Mountains - clouds

  2. Wildcard search

    Wildcards are substitutes for other signs, which extend and improve your search results. You can create the wildcard symbol * (asterisk) by using the shift and "+" key. Wildcards can be used in the beginning, middle or at the end of a word to replace any number of characters.
    ho* would yield-> horse, house, home
    h*s would yield-> hours, horses, houses, herbs
    h*r*s would yield-> hours, horses
    *er would yield-> houres, horses, bubbles

  3. String search

    Use quotation marks to search for a phrase or a particular word order. Enter a quotation mark at the beginning and at the end of your phrase and the database will be searched for exactly this word order. Example:
    "bloomy apple tree" or "jumping skier" yields all images, which contain exactly that word order in succession.